Froth is what rises to the top in this virtual labyrinth of open tabs and endless feeds. It’s an oasis of curation for the gent who is sartorially inclined, has a kink for board riding and revels in online loitering.

We’re about passion and progression, in whatever keeps you up at night. Bukowski said it best: “style is the answer to everything, a fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing”; and our mission is to showcase content that embodies style. Spawned from a polyamorous affair with varying interests and a desire to see them all in one spot of the online real estate, Froth is a platform to showcase the best in threads, sleds and culture.

We’re not going to tell you 40 ways to wear beige or how to match a pocket square to your socks. This is purely a space to kick your feet up and delve into our taste in your favored pursuits.

Melbourne ~ Australia.





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Confused by our superfluous narcissism? In simpler terms, Froth is
~ ‘A men’s lifestyle blog focusing primarily on fashion, board-riding and our favourite shit on the internet.’