Froth ~ Tilted Tor denim from Nudie Jeans Co.

Are you, like me, a gluttonous parasite of materialism draining the planet’s resources and offering little in return? Save your soul and jump on the karmic coat-tails of Swedish denim magnates Nudie. They adhere to an ethical production process that uses 100% organic cotton. The sustainable bastards even recycle their denim and fix the speed-holes in your favourite pair for free. The ‘Tilted Tor’ is one of their latest cuts and is pictured here in the ‘Indigo Spirit’ wash. The waist climbs your spine slightly higher than the front which gives the jeans slightly tilted fit, hence the name. They’re spun in Italy from a 12.5oz comfort denim and feature a narrower opening for your pins.

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via Nudie.

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