INMINDSEYE is a Byron label that should be on your radar

The rag trade’s a tough biz. A touch of sartorial flair and a yearning for originality gets you into the game. You sling a few tees, start to build a following and suddenly there’s a well-dressed devil on your shoulder whispering sweet nothings about the benefits of outsourced production. Here are the crossroads. Do you stay true to your humble roots or sell your soul for a taste of the big time? If you’re like us here at Froth, you’d ride that horse named capitalism into the sunset, setting fire to every bridge along the way. Luckily, for humanity’s sake, there’s still a whole lotta’ good swirling around in the Generation Y gene pool. INMINDSEYE are a self-described alternative surf lifestyle brand out of Byron Bay. Each piece is pumped out in limited quantities and produced within our borders. So, you can keep your conscience light with the knowledge that a 5-year-old hasn’t lost a digit sewing your new tee together.

The label’s latest drop 1990Never Again is a continued homage to the unconventional brand of grunge being cultivated by coastal millennials. It’s an appealing combination of clean staples and bespoke art prints, all accentuated by hand-distressed detailing that further eludes to the brand’s individualistic MO.

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