The new Electrolite Goggle from Electric is their lightest design yet

Still unable to clear that 10ft table top in the park? Is it your glaring lack of freestyle snowboarding aptitude? Probably! But, allow yourself to rejoice in a moment of blissful denial and blame it on equipment weight. An upgrade in eyewear could be what stands between you and greatness. Of course, we’re being hyperbolic, but the new Electrolite goggle from Electric is still one of the lightest and most technically advanced on the market.

The Electrolite features a 100% EVA frame, constructed with thermo-contoured triple layer face foam. The strap is a world-first compression molded silicone strap, with ‘ultra butter’ surfacing that will stay firmly attached to your lid, no matter how hard you eat it. The whole thing clocks in at a measly 77 grams.


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