Spring Break and Capita bear the most fruitful of sleds ~ The Slush Slasher

Anyone with a proclivity for board riding knows the feeling. An inexplicable tickling from scrote’ to throat based on the mere image of a well-shaped craft. Without a hint of tangible evidence, you know that you could have a future together. A beautiful future. A montage of Sundays in bed dances across your cerebral cortex to the tune of Lionel Richie, and you start analysing your credit limits with the naive ferocity of a gambling addict.

The Slush Slasher
© Image via Melbourne Snowboard


The Slush Slasher got my pulse racing from first sight. Rarely have I seen a sled emit such vivacity. Featuring a ‘Party Profile’ camber, with a kinked nose and ‘surf rock’ tail, this baby will have you cruising over pow and laying down carves with the dreamy nonchalance of  sipping a daiquiri. The fun doesn’t stop there though, it’s got a very forgiving flex profile and extruded base, so you can jib to your heart’s content. Powder, park or pavement, The Slush Slasher is your new Hawaiian shirt clad best friend.

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via Capita & Spring Break Snowboards

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