Three modern fishes to keep the spark alive in Summer

Coming in a little late with this one as we’re already knee-deep in the Australian summer, and that increase in temperature generally leads to a decrease in swell size. However, there’s never a bad time to switch up your blades and hopefully, you’ve got an inveterate love-affair with riding a tail as loose as our definition of a ‘modern fish’.  We’ve compiled four swallow-tailed sleds that meld that sweet spot between fun and performance.

1 | ACSOD ~ Coffee Stain

The flat rocker that runs from tip to tail of this sled will get you buzzing in summer slop more than a flat white ever could. The combination of a wide outline in the nose and flyers in the tail allow you to drive hard off the front foot and pivot with ease. Ride it 4-5 inches shorter than your regular stick.

ACSOD Coffee Stain
Image via ACSOD
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2 | Misfit Shapes ~ Beach Cloud

Modern shape. Classic feel. The Beach Cloud from Misfit has been designed to cruise as dreamily as its name suggests. The fuller outline through the nose has been designed to stay faithful to the twinnies of yore and the highline approach it took to swing em’. Conversely, it’s got a bit more of a modern flavour in the curvature of the rail an’ tail.

Misfit - Beach Cloud
Image via Misfit Shapes
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3 | Folklore Surf ~ Nuki

The dudes at Folklore subscribe to a pretty simple ethos: surfing is for the individual. All their boards are 100% made-to-order, with the intention of crafting your new favourite stick. Whether you’ve got a proclivity for speed or prefer to hug the pocket, this baby will have you drifting with the best of em’.

Image via Folklore Surf
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