Treat your pins to a pair of pants from I Love Ugly

It’s been a slightly tumultuous time for New Zealand label I Love Ugly. They’ve had to close stores and sling wares at half the price, due to the forced hand of late suppliers. To their requisite credit, they continue to exhibit a level of brand transparency rivaled by few. Through each tribulation, the brand lays its cards on the table and reminds us that at the end of the day, they’re still just a bunch of dudes grinding like the rest of us. It resonates. Fans respect the hustle. And that’s verified through I Love Ugly’s enduring prosperity.

Currently, they seem as strong as ever. Back to their roots. Focussing heavily on meticulous attention to detail and consideration of fit, for a necessity as old as time. Covering your junk. At the moment, you can score three pairs of pants for three hunge’. We’ve taken the guesswork out and selected our picks worth adding to cart.

Cropped Zespy Mid-Rise ~ Charcoal

A classic design, with a splash of modernity. The Cropped Zespy Mid-Rise is a refined version of one of the label’s most popular pieces. This is traditional styling with a little extra. Featuring a tapered fit in custom milled fabric, gunmetal accents, and a shorter cut to let those ankles breathe.

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Kobe Pant ~ Navy

Anyone who’s visited Japan knows that they know how to live and they know how to dress. The Kobe pant is a slim, tapered pant influenced by Japanese streetwear. It features cut-and-sew detailing on the lower leg and snap-dome fastenings at the leg opening.

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Smart Pant ~ Light Stone

Sometimes a man needs to step up. Do it with style with the Smart Pant. Featuring a tailored silhouette, cut from a durable fabric with a little give, you’ll be looking damn good and feeling damn comfortable the next time you need to attend a more formal affair.

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